Wheaten Hills Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say. We are always delighted when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies. We checked in recently for our pups' one year birthdays.


Wheaten Hills Review

Just wanted to let you know Duncan was a hit at the vet! He is beyond healthy and weighs 9.7 lbs. We could not be happier. He is awesome and was so well behaved and kissing everyone. He passed with flying colors. We mad a little tag of s little bone with his name and our number. House training is going well too. Have to send you picks as he napping now.... they said you all provided a supremely gifted and advanced puppy! Many thanks!

Michael G.


Wheaten Hills Review

Since this is Barkley's first birthday, I wanted to send pictures showing how handsome and big he is but he would not pose for me. In the picture with my Standard Schnauzer you may be able to see that she can stand underneath him because his legs are so long.

He is a very handsome, sweet, loving guy and well-behaved, too. Sage trained him well and they are inseparable. We all love him very much.

Frances S.


Wheaten Hills Review

Alvin is doing fantastic! Turned out to be a big boy....close to 40 lbs.

Felicia R.


Wheaten Hills Review

My kids have been celebrating Marshall's birthday all day. He's also close to 40 pounds. Here are two pictures of him...one leaving the groomer, and the other standing on the back of the couch watching my daughter's swimming lesson from inside. He won't take his eyes off her when she's in the pool.

Andria M.


Wheaten Hills Review

I've loved seeing everyone's pictures! Our Mojo is almost 40 pounds too. We love him to pieces! It's so nice to hear everyone is doing so well!

Isabell T.


Wheaten Hills Review

Ruger is the sweetest, most loving dog, and I couldn't imagine life without him. He has been loving swimming in the pool this summer :)

Heidi F.


Wheaten Hills Review

Here's Sheamus! He's a cutie currently spending his time at the shore in MD. He's about 35 lbs (most of which are due to his long legs) and still has his distinctive white chin hair and chest marking. He's full of life and loves to go for a long walk. We are very excited to have him in our lives and look forward to many happy years!

Ross and Meaghan L.


Wheaten Hills Review

This is Joey! He's 42 pounds and a big love bug! He loves to snuggle and play! He completes our family!

Allison S.


Wheaten Hills Review

This is Smokey (aka Kona). He's been awesome, very playful and good natured. He's 40 lbs, with a little white/gray on his chin, chest and back. For his birthday he even found a groundhog, which was very exciting for him.

Brian and Laura P.

Tucker Too

Wheaten Hills Review

Guess who's almost One! It's Tucker Too! As you can see he has a white face and forelegs and a white tip on his tail. Otherwise he is an apricot colored and VERY soft coated wheaten terrier who weighs 30 pounds and is as fun and as loving as a dog can be. We think the world of him! I was sitting on the couch this evening, watching the news, when Tucker Too came over, laid down, and put his head on my left foot. We stayed that way for 15 or 20 minutes, until it occurred to me: that this was the BEST dog I have ever owned! He is so loving, and so beautiful, and so playful, that I just don't know what else could be wanted. He has all the characteristics (conformation and coat) of a show champion. And he is--in my opinion--the best Wheaten ever!

Russ and Rita C.


Wheaten Hills Review

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that we made it home safely and the puppy (we named him Murphy) is settling in well. He is so sweet, loving, and playful. We feel really lucky to have him!

Katie and Patrick O


Wheaten Hills Review

Today Barkley was groomed, especially to have the hair removed from around his eyes. The groomer, who has a degree in something to do with animals, wanted me to let you know how impressed she is with him and what a great job you did with him. She doesn't see many puppies as well behaved as he is. He really is a good puppy. We love him so much! I wanted to let you know what a great job you did with this litter, especially our 17 lb. Barkley.



Wheaten Hills Review

Paisley's first visit to a rehab center was today. We are taking all puppy classes for 10 weeks. Our Rosie was a therapy dog for years and Paisley will be one too! Thank you for a great puppy!

Shirley H.


Wheaten Hills Review

Bailey is such a joy. She likes to play soccer with my son, give lots of hugs and friendly. She makes everyone feel important. She is a great addition to our family. Bailey is 32 lbs and has a fluffy black and white tail (of course I can't find a good photo of her tail).

Lori C.