Meet our Dogs

Wheaten Hills Moms

Molly - AKC Wheaten Terrier


AKC Wheaten Terrier

Molly is now in retirement! She is the house Matriarch and will have a long, happy life here with us at Wheaten Hills. She was the start of our little breeding program and though there are many wonderful families who would like to adopt her, we feel the best place for her is here with us.

Kelley - AKC Wheaten Terrier


AKC Wheaten Terrier: Early Grace Kelley

Kelley is our Whoodle Mommy. She is independent and spunky and loves her family and getting attention. She and my daughter are inseparable. Her whoodle babies have beautiful blockier heads like the Wheaten with darker coats mixed with chocolate and red highlights.

Minnie - AKC Standard Poodle


AKC Moyen Parti Poodle: Minnie Minnow of the Potomac

Our beautiful Minnie is an AKC Moyen Parti Poodle. She is full of life and such a joy to have around. Smart and sensitive, she is always by our side. Minnie gave birth to her first litter of Whoodles on June 16, 2017. She weighs about 29 pounds. The Moyen Poodle falls in-between the Miniature and Standard Poodle size. Height: 16-20 inches and Weight: 20-35 pounds.

Buttercup - AKC Wheaten Terrier


AKC Wheaten Terrier: As you Wish Princess Buttercup

Buttercup was bred and born here at Wheaten Hills and is the daughter of Molly and Duncan. She weighs about 35 lbs. She was kept for breeding because she is very much like her mommy. Buttercup has beautiful conformation and the qualities expected in a sound Wheaten. She loves to give the Wheaten Greetin' and is full of life and play. She is also very gentle and has the most soulful gaze that gets her anything she wants.

Sable - AKC Moyen Poodle


AKC Moyen Poodle: Sabelleine Saving Grace of the Potomac

Sable is a beautiful, sound Moyen Poodle. She is the great-niece of Minnie. She comes from impeccable bloodlines with some relatives being shown in Europe. She weighs about 25 lbs. She is very loyal, obedient and intelligent. She will produce wonderful Whoodles for us with bright, playful dispostions.

Midnight - AKC Moyen Poodle


AKC Small Standard Poodle

Midnight is our small Standard Poodle weighing about 40 pounds. She is also the sister to Ellie, who I bred in November 2018, with some wonderful color results. She is very sweet, docile with a mild yet still playful temperament. She carries the same colorful gene pool as Ellie and I expect the same color range of blacks, reds and sables. She is health cleared by parentage and pedigree.

Winter - AKC Moyen Poodle


AKC Moyen Poodle: Shattered Blu's Winter Snowflake

Winter is a beautiful cream Poodle that weighs 36 pounds. She is the most calm dog we've had in a while. She loves to be part of our family, and sticks to my side like glue. She is a very content, calm, loving dog. Winter has cleared both her OFA and Genetic Health Testing.

Bridgette - AKC Wheaten Terrier


AKC Wheaten Terrier

Bridgette is our sweet Wheaten mommy born here at Wheaten Hills. Her mom is Molly and stud was Duncan. She weighs at the smaller end of the Wheaten weight range at 28 lbs. She is the least stubborn Wheaten we have and so eager to please! She loves cuddles and attention and is such a clown. She is AKC registered and has passed her genetic screening.

Wheaten Hills Dads

AKC Wheaten Terrier


AKC Wheaten Terrier: Dread Pirate Roberts Westley

Westley is Wheaten Hills' very own stud! He is very sweet and loving. Each morning when I walk him outside, he spends several minutes showering me with love and kisses before he's ready to go play. He is about 38 lbs. so he is on the larger side of the Wheaten weight range. He is full of spunk and every evening when he comes inside, he tries to steal toys from the other dogs to take into his crate! He is such a joy and a great addition here at Wheaten Hills.

AKC Moyen Poodle


AKC Wheaten Terrier (External)

Duncan is an external stud that we've used for our Wheaten Terrier litters. He is gorgeous handsome and a whole lot of sweetness all rolled into one dog. He was named Duncan because he is sweet like a Duncan Doughnut! We had him for three weeks and never heard him bark once! We are thrilled with both the looks and the temperaments of Duncan's puppies.

F1 Whoodle


f1 Whoodle

Chewie is from our own Ellie and Duncan. He is an F1 Whoodle and is a favorite at our house. He carries for all the colors that Ellie does, and has a delightful temperament.