Wheatens vs Whoodles

Comparing Wheatens and Whoodles

I am often asked what is the difference between the Wheaten Terrier and the Whoodle and if there any advantages/disadvantages over either breed. The following information is based on my own personal experience as a breeder and what goes on day to day with my own dogs.

I don't prefer one over the other and love them both. But, I am also an animal lover of all kinds! We have a cat, Yellow-naped Amazon parrot and chickens! My husband, and land limitations, keep me in check; otherwise, I'd have many more!!

The best I can do is to learn about you, your family, your needs in a dog, and the environment the dog will live in, and I can help guide you to the perfect family member!

Sometimes one of my puppies might not be the best choice for you and I will be up front about that as well. My mission is truly happy families and happy puppies and I seek to fulfill that promise to both the families and my babies.

Thank you for taking the time to research these differences!

About Wheaten Hills Wheaten Terriers and Whoodle Puppies


The Wheaten is at times stubborn. They are very intelligent but sometimes have the mindframe of doing what they want to do or doing what you want them to do if there is a reward in it for them. That being said, training with treats is very effective with Wheatens!

A Whoodle will not be quite as stubborn to train. They carry over the eagerness to please from the Poodle. I feel a strong personality is needed for either breed to train them properly and to keep them in check as to their position in the family. You don't want your dog running your life!

Activity Level

Wheatens are environmentally driven in their activity; when outside they like to run and play and when indoors they are relaxed and calm. Whoodles will have a slightly higher activity level but not overly hyper. Both breeds do well in city or country living. If living in an apartment or city, daily walks are a must and Wheatens really enjoy meeting new people! Just be careful of their Wheaten Greetin'! Not all people are fond of a dog jumping on them to greet them. If you are that type of person, don't get a Wheaten!

A whoodle can be trained to not jump and it won't hurt their feelings. A Wheaten shows their enthusiasm and joy and happiness in seeing you by jumping up and letting you know, "Hey, I've missed you so much! I love you and I'm so glad you're home!" To deprive a Wheaten of this is robbing them of their joy and crushing their spirit. This burst of excitement lasts only a few minutes and then they settle down.

Friendly IQ

Both breeds are very affectionate and loving and require attention from their family. They need to know they are loved and in return they give lots of love, loyalty, joy and humor to their humans.

Wheatens are very people forward! They love their human companions and while they are ok with other dogs, they do not seek out the friendship of a canine buddy.

A Whoodle will be more family oriented with the entire family including other pets.


Both breeds require the same amount of grooming. They need brushed every 2-3 days and monthly clipping. They both will have the soft, silken coat but the Whoodles will come in a variety of coat colors whereas the Wheaten is only the Wheaten color.